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Laser Hair Removal 

At TTMSpa & Markham Med Spa we understand that no one laser is effective or safe for hair removal for all patients. With many years of experience, our experts have identified the most effective and safest lasers for hair reduction in clients with all skin types and hair colors.

For light skinned people with darker hair, our state-of-the-art Aroura – ELOS lasers offer the most effective treatment options.

For tanned or darker skinned individuals, our new Lyra YAG lasers are preferred. Most clients will require 4 or more treatments to achieve the results they seek.


Through our consultation process, we will design a program combining multiple technologies as needed to give you the results you seek. Anesthetic cream is available in carefully adjusted dosage to ensure the most comfortable and safest experience for clients concerned about discomfort.

Please contact TTMSpa & Markham Med Spa’s team of medical professionals and estheticians for more information on our treatments and cosmetic procedures. Schedule your evaluation and private FREE consultation that is most convenient to you.