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INNO Lightening Cream

Powerful synergistic action on moderate photoageing, fine lines associated with mild epidermal pigmentations.

The Inno lightening cream is a Vitamin A peel for moderate photo-ageing associated with hyperpigmentation, dyschromias prevention and inflammatory acne containing strong lightening properties. The composition of the INNO Exfo Lightening cream is derivatives of vitamin A and depigmenting active ingredients, antioxidant and anti-aging. After applying the scrub followed by an intensive skin restoration and reconstruction and regeneration of collagen fibers. The advantage of INNO Exfo Lightening Cream works at different levels of the skin. At the level of skin cell regeneration following stimulation and thus thickening of the skin and epidermis. At the level of the dermis peeling action effectively inhibits melanin accumulation and dissipates.

Active Ingredients 

Vitamin A 3%, Salicylic Acid 10%, Phytic Acid 0.5%, Arbutin 4%, Kojic Acid 5%

Application Time

Approximately 30 minutes with at home maintenance.


Mild to moderate abrasion

Recovery time

2-5 days

Minimum number of sessions


Mechanism of Action

The formulation acts specifically on pigment, inhibiting tyrosinase, exfoliating existing pigment, dispersing melanosomes and renewing the skin. It is also a great option for patients dealing with acne and breakouts.

During the Application

The practitioner will begin with cleansing the face with a INNO-Derma Deep Cleanser or Soft Cleanser. Following that a small amount of the Skin Polisher to damp skin, massage in a circular motion to remove dead skin cells. With a cotton or gauze pad, the practitioner will degrease the skin with Degreading Solution, to allow for more effective penetration of the peel. Lastly, an even layer of the LIGHTENING CREAM will be applied to the area of treatment with a fan brush or gloved fingered tips, allowing to dry.