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Envy Pillow 

So what’s the big deal about the enVy Pillow?

THE SHAPE: Ergonomic Sloped Sides Our perfectly engineered ergonomic sloped sides cradle your head into the centre of the pillow. When you sleep on your back , Sleep Professionals recommend that your ears, shoulders and hips should be aligned (placed in a straight line).. relatively parallel to your mattress. A small pillow under the back of your knees is a MUST and will decrease stress on your spine by supporting your lower back. The thickness at the centre (Sweet Spot) is less than 4 cm to cradle your head. When turning to your SIDE your face will gently tilt away from the pillow. This “OFF Your Face”** design is ideal for TMJ sufferers , post facial treatments, face lifts, laser, IPL or just the avoidance of sleep wrinkles. AND your neck will be supported while your face is protected! **Research supports this OFF-YOUR-FACE positioning in avoiding unnecessary aging due to the pressing of our facial tissue into a pillow all night long. The design of the ergonomic sloped sides optimizes enVy, the sleep wrinkle pillow with therapeutic neck support.

THE SWEET SPOT: Central Elevated Pattern Improves facial circulation by distributing weight and reducing pressure points. The “bumps” encourage air circulation to improve breathability and overall comfort. The foam thickness at the centre of the enVy pillow is less than 4 cm to facilitate the proper alignment recommended by spinal specialists.

THE SUPPORT: Unique Patented “Stepping Stone Design” Each enVy® Pillow comes equipped with a 2 neck support system which offer a correction to our forward head leaning** over our desks, phones or computers. Most people love the larger neck support but feel free to simply spin the pillow and give both a try and you’ll soon know which one is best for you. **”Text Neck” (or forward head tilt) is caused by the habitual forward head lean by countless hours at a variety of activities… most notably sitting for countless hours at our desk over a computer.

How it’s done…

For the Back Sleepers out there… enVy cradles our heads and gently applies a sleep inducing sublte traction on our necks… (MANY people report this amazing sensation when using the enVy pillow.) The patented gull wings shape and the bottom indentation gives adds a head and neck security that prevents unwanted head rotation. This is especially important for those recovering from neck injury and strain. The State of the Art LuxFeel Memory Foam creates a weightless sensation which significantly decreases tossing and turning. Many of our clients have reported much less tossing and turning at first sleep. The luxuriously smooth 100% bamboo pillow case is 3 x more breathable and soft to the skin. No more bedhead

For the Side Sleepers…. enVy® tilts the side sleepers head away from the pillow relieving undue pressure on face and jaw..and off one’s shoulder.. This allows the enVy® to be extremely effective in decreasing TMJ pain or ear pain. The enVy pillow facilitates less pressure on the bottom shoulder of the side sleeper and has been recommended by Chiropractors to clients with shoulder injuries, chronic pain and the numbness/pins and needles that sleeper often experience while side sleeping. Shoulder problems are also often caused by referred pain from the neck. Therefore, stabilizing the neck during sleep is of paramount importance. Toronto Chiropractor, Dr. Tracy Kish, recommends enVy for all her “shoulder patients”.